Features of the Board of Directors Portal

Board members are a crucial group of stakeholders with an important role to play in the success of your business. How they communicate and collaborate is crucial to the overall effectiveness of your board of directors. If you’re looking to streamlining your board meetings, or make it easier to manage documents, BoardManagement can help you implement the right tools for best practice.

The Board of Directors Portal

A board portal is software that lets members access their centralized library of meeting materials, such as the agenda for the next meeting and other important documents, from any Internet-enabled device. It does away with the need to send email attachments that are vulnerable to cyber-attacks or distribute print paper documents that can easily get lost or misplaced. Furthermore, it provides a safer and more secure platform for discussions and collaboration rather than email.

The right software for managing your board will also assist you in improving the communication with your stakeholders and keep everyone engaged in the process of making decisions for the board. For instance, certain board portals come with features that let you upload and share files, create documents calendars and manage meeting minutes so that everyone knows what’s going on and when.

Another aspect boards of directors usually appreciate is the capacity to have a real-time discussion and discuss important issues during meetings, regardless of the location of their meeting. This is particularly beneficial for those who frequently travel or work in remote locations.


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