Antivirus Problems and How to Deal With Them

It is not widely known how many problems the industry has to face. Even the most reliable antivirus software can have problems. Some are minor and can be resolved, whereas others can be more serious.

One of the main issues is that virus signatures do not provide enough to shield against a variety of threats. Each time a new virus is discovered it takes a long time before antivirus companies are able to make and release new antivirus updates. They must wait until the virus is spotted by their products and sent to be examined.

In the meantime the virus is likely to spread and it’s very likely that dozens, if not hundreds of computers will be infected by the virus. It could also be spread to other networks. To be efficient, anti-virus software must be able to recognize and stop these infections quickly. This means that behaviour blocking or heuristic analysers are more effective than signature detection.

Incompatibility is another issue. Although the majority of antivirus software developers place the greatest emphasis on developing quality products and pay a lot of attention to removing bugs, the truth is that there are times when multiple antivirus programs can cause conflicts.

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